Three Security Features Of LEI Windows

When it comes to your home, security is of the utmost importance. You want to provide your family with a safe and secure space without alarming people with the visible security measures of chain locks, barred windows, or any other extremely visible security system. Finding the right balance between aesthetic beauty and complete safety and security used to be difficult, but not anymore. Here at LEI Home Enhancements, we have worked tirelessly to not only produce some of the most energy-efficient windows on the market but to provide built-in security measures that are sure to keep even the most persistent criminals at bay. If you would like to learn more about our capabilities or get an estimate for how much your new window installation will cost, contact our team today. Here are three security benefits you will get with our state-of-the-art windows.

Glass Durability

One of the most common access points criminals use when breaking into a home are the windows. Most criminals will spend a few minutes, sometimes even multiple days, scouting out a location to see if there are times you are not home, and even peering into your space to see if there are some easily grabbed valuables nearby. One of the best deterrents from criminals is to have strong and durable glass windows. Most criminals will get panicky, especially once noise has been made that could alert your neighbors or passersby, and will generally give up if they can’t get through your glass immediately. Our Revelation Elite Series Windows feature triple-pane technology built from strong and durable material that we have tested and enhanced over decades of work. Not only are these windows extremely durable, but the argon gas that sits between the panes of these windows are slightly pressurized and will make a loud “boom” if the glass is forcefully shattered. These windows are as durable as they are efficient and could potentially help save you the hassle and scare of a home invasion.

Defense Tek Secure Locking System

Any of our windows over 29 inches in width will come equipped with two of our industry-leading Defense Tek Security Locking Systems. These advanced locks compress the two sashes to strengthen the seal on your window, both boosting security and energy efficiency. This locking system is impossible to pick from the outside while remaining extremely easy to use from the inside. Plus, the entire locking system is extremely low profile which allows the window to keep its sleek look.

Durable Hardware

A strong window is all good and well, but if an intruder can easily pull it off its hinges, or sabotage the inner workings of your window, that strength won’t amount to much. We have eliminated this issue by developing our CommandPlus hardware for our casement and awning windows. This heavy-duty hardware provides maximum strength for lifelong ease of use and comes with a corrosion-proof finish that is guaranteed for life.

We also offer day and night latches that are perfect for securing your space while also allowing a fresh breeze into your home. Originally designed to prevent small children and pets from falling out of windows, this system is designed to be able to stand up to some serious pressure and weight, all while allowing you to keep your window open without worry.

You can easily upgrade the look, feel, and security of your home with an industry-leading set of new windows from LEI Home Enhancements. Click here to schedule your consultation today.


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