The LEI Difference

If you have ever had work done on your home, you know that choosing the right company can make all the difference. From quick and efficient installations to quality and expertise that you can rely on, the right company can help ensure that your home is not only taken care of but left in a much better state. Here at LEI Home Enhancements, we are proud to be some of the best window, siding, roofing, & door experts in the country. As one of the top 50 qualified remodelers in the nation, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands with our team. Here are a few reasons why you will love working with LEI Home Enhancements.

Affordable Prices

Let’s be honest, budget is a huge factor anytime you are looking to do work on your home. You want to find a good balance between affordability and reliability. Many smaller companies will try to lure you in with a low quote, only to take months to finish the project or to leave you stuck with shoddy work. Here at LEI Home Enhancements, we know that we are not the cheapest option on the market, but our quality quickly pays for itself. We also have quite a few options of materials to pick from that will fit any budget. From our most energy-efficient products to our most simplified designs, we have products that will easily fit any budget.

Quality You Can Count On

Although some of the biggest window companies may be more well known than we are; our products are just as good if not better than those found at these big name stores. Not only that, but we have some of the most energy-efficient windows available anywhere. We do everything we can to cut back on overhead costs like advertising to help ensure that we can keep costs down for our customers while providing an elite level of quality.

Best In Class Installers

The installation process is where most of the issues arise on any renovation project. From gaps in filler and sealant to utilizing the wrong materials for the wrong space, a bad installation team can easily turn great products into a massive headache. Here at LEI Home Enhancements, we take the middleman out of the installation process by utilizing installation teams straight from the manufacturer. These teams are intimately familiar with the products they install, ensuring that no issues or slip-ups arise. This also eliminates the costly and time-intensive back and forth between contractors and manufacturers, allowing our teams to quickly pivot and get new products in the case of any issue.

Honesty Driven

Our team believes firmly in honesty, transparency, and a dedication to our craft. We ensure that our customers are fully informed every step of the way, ensuring that you are never surprised along the way and that you understand the exact benefits and features of your purchased products. We will always ensure that your project is completely taken care of to your exact specifications.

Award-Winning Reputation

We are known as a great company with a history of excellence and dedication to our projects, and we are proud of that reputation. With over 34 locations all across the country, our teams go through a rigorous training process that is constantly evolving and shifting with our products and services. That dedication to our craft and our customers has helped us earn a spot as one of the top 50 qualified remodelers in the nation.

If you are interested in replacing your windows, siding, roofing, or windows, contact the elite team here at LEI Home Enhancements today.


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