Hot Siding Trend: Going Rustic

When it comes to picking the right siding for your home, it is all about choosing a style that will give your home a classic look and feel. Homeowners are choosing rustic-styled vinyl siding to give their home an instant and very unique curb appeal. Before you take the plunge and contact a siding contractor to replace your traditional vinyl siding with trendy rustic siding, consider these three important factors.

Homeowner’s association requirements. If you have a homeowner’s association, you may be limited as to what type of vinyl siding you can use. Going rustic may not fit with your homeowner’s association rules in terms of the types, colors and styles of siding that are allowed in your neighborhood. In some cases, you may be able to choose a rustic-textured vinyl siding option, but it may need to be a specific color. Be sure to check with your city ordinances and homeowner’s association before moving forward with any vinyl siding upgrade. An experienced vinyl siding contractor will be able to help you navigate this process, if you’re unsure about the regulations for your neighborhood and/or city.

The exterior style and colors of your home. What color is your roof, window trimmings, and other external surfaces of your home? Take into account all of the colors and textures of your home and be sure that your new vinyl siding fits well with these existing colors and textures. If you find that your exterior colors clash with the rustic vinyl style you want, you can explore finding a complementary color that will accent your home. When you partner with a trusted vinyl siding contractor, you will likely be shown vinyl styles and colors in a catalog. Be sure to get physical samples of all of the vinyl colors you are considering and hold them up to your home to see what they may look like before committing to one. The last thing you want to do is to invest in a siding color, without seeing it in person, and then discover that the color, texture, or style severely clashes once it’s installed on your home.

Your surrounding neighborhood. Take a walk through your neighborhood and look at the vinyl siding styles that other homes have. You should ask yourself if installing a rustic-styled siding will help your home stand out, in a good way. You don’t want to have “that house” that is the eyesore of the neighborhood because your siding is too different from the surrounding homes in your area. This doesn’t mean that you cannot go bold and do a unique vinyl siding upgrade, instead you need to consider how your home may look from a distance and choose your new siding style accordingly.

The growing trend of installing vinyl siding is sweeping the country by storm. With so many different vinyl siding styles to choose from, you can be sure that, if you want to go rustic, that you should be able to find the best style to fit your home. If you’re looking for a leading vinyl siding contractor for your next project, contact LEI Home Enhancements today.


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